Location, location, location!

One of the main appeals of D.C. is how close everything is.  Everything you need is within walking distance.  The only thing you need to know is what Metro stop to get off at.  It is quite annoying when you Google a store and have to dig through the map just to get your bearings so here is a breakdown of the most popular places near the Brookline-CUA metro.

In the direction of Glenmont 

  1. Columbia Heights (Green Line) via Fort Totten

cvs  1024px-Panda_Express_logo.svg    PYY_fazJ     unnamed    Marshalls_Logo.jpg

2.      Silver Spring  (Red Line)

fb_icon_slice      michaels-logo  PYY_fazJ    54f4fc18ead38.imageulta_social_logoRegal-cinemas_130404103840

In the direction of Shady Grove

  1.  Rhode Island Ave – Brentwood

images-2    aWjYe13J_400x400    fb_icon_slice

2.   NoMa – Gallaudet University

aWjYe13J_400x400      moes-logo.png  Wendys-Logo-1024x891    tumblr_m700ltrofG1qbn1vmo1_500

3. Union Station

johnny-logo  Walgreens-logo-26E5CC583D-seeklogo.com.gif1200px-Häagen-Dazs_Logo.svgsubway-logo-02

4.  Gallery Place-Chinatown

images-3      DCHH_ClydesOfGalleryPlace_1335811023       aWjYe13J_400x400    Walgreens-logo-26E5CC583D-seeklogo.com.gif


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